Are There Tools For Kegel Exercies?

If the expectant mom is preparing for the birth and nurtures the baby, weakened pelvic floor muscles in a natural way. After all, the uterus stretches the muscle tissue, reducing elasticity. This is reflected in the stage of labor cracks, breaks. And if a woman is before pregnancy does not friends with the sport, the muscles in her were weak, the risk of birth with the consequences of increases.

Kegel exercise tools like those coming from help in pregnancy period to strengthen the muscles that contribute to the promotion of the child’s birth canal of women. These exercises relax those who impede the process of childbirth. The effect of their implementation helps not only to easier to give birth but also to improve after sex life.Kegel essence therapy for pregnant is to alternate relaxation and stress the pelvic muscles. Thanks to this they are inflated alternately. A woman needs to contract and relax the intimate muscles first a few times in a row, with time to do it with the number of such cuts. The important point! Study needs only the muscles of the perineum. They are located between the anus and the vagina. But the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen and thighs in the process should not be involved.

Childbirth – an exciting and important moment of every woman. So that it was normal for the mother, and you must prepare for it for the baby. This will help to develop skills that will enable this critical moment not to get lost. It provides the ability to control regular, moderately painful contractions, reduce the period of delivery. Thanks to this child will be born healthy with good development. The birth will flow quietly and without complications in childbirth. Preparation for childbirth is carried on the physical and psychological level.

Physical layer – a physical activity

Physical exercise, in turn, can be: bracing exercises; exercise trains the muscles of the perineum; breathing exercises. Charging for pregnant women by fortifying exercises daily charge applies. It improves mood, increases the tone the body and supports all groups of muscles in good condition. This does not mean that women who do charge, no problem will transport pregnancy and childbirth will be easy. But this will have a positive result. And, in general, it is not a panacea for the birth, but it would be good to engage a pregnant woman charging.

As generations pass Kegel Exercises for pregnant women proceed to a daily requirement which is necessary at the time when mothers feel better, ends early toxicities and reduces the possibility of a miscarriage. This all happens before the making of the second trimester. Does it well to all pregnant women, adjusting the load together with the doctor? Be sure to feel supervised when doing: measured pulse, blood pressure before and after exercise.

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In case that the state of a pregnant woman requires special observation with unstable blood pressure, threat of miscarriage, exercise is minimized. Performed a special set of exercises designed for pregnant women. It is safe for the child and does not contain a complex exercise with no load on the muscles of the back and abdomen. A series of exercises performed with gymnastic ball, which also makes it possible to remove the load on the muscle groups. Well suited exercises with elements of yoga and swimming. Yoga with yoni eggs is also good because it is combined with the respiratory movements, and this is important when preparing to leave.

Kegel Exercises for the perineum during delivery may develop complications such as rupture of the perineum. Most often it occurs at first birth and the boards of large fruit. The reason for this is the lack of elasticity of the muscles of the perineum. You can try to avoid this by performing special exercises and massage. The school program of preparation for childbirth this point there is compulsory and there is told in detail how to do it.

Well, if the expectant mother will visit them with the future pope. The meaning of exercise is reduced to trim down pulling muscles of the perineum. The experienced professionals talk about Kegel exercises, which are prevention of disorders in the postpartum period, such as urinary incontinence. And help to recover quickly after birth sexually. One of the exercises in this complex is training the muscles of the vagina.

How to breathe during childbirth

At the time of labor attaches great importance to proper breathing. Moreover in each of the delivery periods you need to breathe this way to adjust the nature and frequency of contractions. And this you must learn to advance to during labor to help the child to be born. Three kinds of breathing are used during labor and delivery: At the first encounters – breathing through the nose: quiet and deep. This somewhat reduces pain and good saturates the blood with oxygen which is very good for the fetus.

If contractions become longer and the child is already in labor and need to suspend attempts – frequent, shallow breathing, breathing “like a dog”. At a time when it appeared the head and the baby is about to be born – you need a very deep breath with a full exhalation. Psychological preparation for childbirth and mental attitude carries great significance for the birth. Expectant mother is afraid of the pain, the pain sets. We need to realize that each person has his own threshold of pain;women give birth to children with the appearance of people on the ground. You must understand that this is a physiological process that is created by nature.

Currently, assistance to women in labor pain relievers created and, if necessary, they will be applied by a doctor. Second you need to prepare for childbirth. To do this, you must see your doctor regularly; do all the examinations to be relaxed with respect to the health and condition of the child. Be sure to go with your husband or moms. Third – the expectant mother realizes that her actions affect the lives of the little man who only comes to light. She already loves him, but also worried about how everything will be done or executed. Need to realize that all is well, it is your mother, and do not be afraid if maternal instinct is not yet awake. This is also normal. After the child takes in mouth mother’s breasts look native cells, these feelings will evolve and will be with her for life.